Jen Lush ‘Let Loose The Beating Birds’ (2021)
Available on Bandcamp (Download, CD, vinyl & merch), Apple Music, Spotify (all streaming options here).

Jen Lush – vocals 
James Brown – electric guitars, sound design, keyboards 
Sam Cagney – acoustic guitars, backing vocals 
Mark Seddon – bass guitar 
Paul Angas – drums, percussion, Wurlitzer, misc. keyboards, synth, backing vocals (track 2) 
Belinda Gehlert – violin
Produced by James Brown/Tobin Lush 
Recorded, engineered and mixed by James Brown at Wizard Tone Studios, Hendon, SA
Mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound, Sydney, NSW
Design Tobin Lush
Lyrics on tracks 2, 3 & 8 written by Tobin Lush

Steve Lennox ‘In The Lighter Dark’ (2020)
Available on Bandcamp

Steve Lennox – vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo guitar 
Jen Lush – vocals, ukelele, acoustic guitar (on Enough
Paul Angas – drums, percussion, piano (on Enough)
Gareth Chin – accordian, piano
Mark Seddon – bass
Greg Blanch – pedal steel
Produced by Steve Lennox. Recorded & engineered by James Brown at Wizard Tone Studios, Hendon, SA.

Mamfa ‘I’m Braver Than My Friends!’ EP (2020)
Available on Apple Music

Mamfa – vocals, guitar
Paul Cooper – guitar, banjo, programming, producer
Paul Angas – drums
Gage Stead – bass
Bass & drums recorded at Satchel Studio.

The Gathering Tide ‘When the Rain Comes’ EP (2020)
Available on Apple Music and Bandcamp

Phil Dean – all vocals and instruments
Paul Angas – keys on ‘Like Lightning (Out of a Clear Blue Sky)’

The Gathering Tide ‘The Gathering Tide’ (2016)
Available on Apple Music and Bandcamp

Phil Dean – vocals, guitars, mandolin, piano, percussion, bass drums, organ, tremolophone, keyboards 
Paul Angas – drums, percussion, piano, organ, keyboards, breathing, footsteps 
Peter O’Shea – fiddle
Claire Johnstone – fiddle, vocals
Darn Thorn – piano
Peter Donnely – piano, organ
CC Thornley – banjo
Produced and recorded by Phil Dean. Paul Angas recorded at Satchel Studio. Mixed by Phil Threlfall.

Matt J Ward and the Rising Sons EP (2016)
Available on Apple Music

Matt J Ward – Vocals, guitar 
Steve Pederson – Guitar, pedal steel 
Paul Angas – Drums, percussion 
Tristan McCann – Piano, hammond 
Anthony Constanzo – Bass 
Sasha March– Vocals
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mixmasters Studio by Mick Wordley.

Andrea Marr ‘Sass & Brass’ (2013)
Available on Myspace.

Andrea Marr – vocals
Cameron Scott – Hammond organ, keys, backing vocals
Steve Temple – bass
David Reynolds – guitar
Paul Angas – drums, percussion
Sean Rankin – trumpet
Dave Palmer – trombone
Andy O’Connell – saxophone
Recorded at Coloursound, Melbourne.
Engineered & mixed by Barney Loveland.

Black SeasAwake Your Defence’/’Second Guess the Asleep’ (2008)
Available on Myspace.

Darran McCrann – singer, guitars
Paul Angas – drums, percussion, keys
Phil Dean – bass
JP Hougaz – guitar
Emily Williams – cello
Recored at Birdland & Satchel Studio, Melbourne. Mixed & mastered by Lindsay Gravina.

The Kissingers ‘Stars of Stage, Screen & Trampoline’ (2006)
Available on Apple Music and Amazon

Darran Mc Crann – singer
Liam Firmager – guitars, vocals
Nicola Barnes – keys, vocals (‘Beachball Party’)
Paul Angas – drums, percussion, keys, sound effects
Michael Webb – bass
Steve Temple – trumpet
Recorded at Hothouse, St Kilda by Craig Harnath and Satchel Studio, Newport by Paul Angas
Mixed by Chris Thompson

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